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Laser Assisted Liposculpture on "The Doctors"


Laser lipo is used for not just removing fat, but to sculpt the patient's body.

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Even those who are in shape often have a part of their body they'd like to see changed. Cellulite plagues many who are already thin and skin discoloration is common as we age, whether we're in shape or not. Laser assisted liposculpture is one procedure that's designed for patients who are fit but desire some fine tuning.

Roller derby skater "Diesel" visits the set of The Doctors for a consultation with Dr. Drew Ordon. Diesel feels that her legs look too muscular and she'd like to have a slimmer profile, but isn't sure how to acheive that.

Dr. Ordon explains that in laser assisted liposculpture, a small incision is made and a laser fiber is inserted underneath the skin. The laser emits heat in the form of light energy, causing the fat cells to melt so that they are easily removed. Aesthetic physicians are able to use these devices, such as SmartLipo and SlimLipo to not only remove fat from patients, but to actually sculpt their bodies.

Patients report less pain and a quicker recovery time with laser lipo rather than traditional liposuction, as well as the added benefit of skin tightening for a smoother result. Also, many turn to Reaction by Viora for cellulite reduction and non-surgical skin tightening.