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European Approval Granted to New ICL Products


Visian ICL has received the CE Mark of approval for improvements to their implantable collamer lens technology.

Medical manufacturer STAAR Surgical Company, known for their minimally invasive ophthalmic products, has announced CE Mark approval for a range of product improvements to the company's Visian Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL). Improvements include a Hyperopic Toric ICL, designed for patients who are farsighted as well as those with astigmatism. Visian is the only option which will allow for the treatment of both conditions with one procedure.

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STAAR Surgical CEO Barry Caldwell says, "We believe these expanded offerings will provide the broadest correction approval of any refractive technology for surgeons in countries where the CE Mark applies and will allow the surgeon to treat virtually any patient who is a candidate for refractive surgery." The CE Mark approval applies only to specific sight irregularities and certifies that the ICL is approved for use in the European Union and several other countries that recognize it.

There are also improvements made with the surgeon in mind, allowing greater precision and ease of use. These improvements include: the addition of perforating holes in the lens haptic to assist with removal of viscoelastics, improved lubricity on injector cartridges for ease of insertion, and new laser marks for the TICL designed to improve the surgeon's ability to see the axis during and after implantation.

Often times, the ICL is a useful tool for those who are not candidates for LASIK, giving them an option in vision correction.