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SmartLipo Triplex Can Provide Your Best Body Ever


Three wavelengths combine to provide powerful body sculpting.

When Cynosure gained FDA approval for their SmartLipo device in 2006, they ushered in a new era in liposuction. The device offered physicians a way to disrupt and melt fat prior to removal so that surgeons could sculpt the body with greater precision than before. They have continued to develop and refine this technology and now, with SmartLipo Triplex, they offer a highly effective solution to body contouring.

"I have found that it's able to accomplish things that I would not ordinarily even attempt to perform lipo on," says Dr. Joel Beck, Bay Area plastic surgeon. He says when treating patients with loose skin on their stomach, "I used to go right in and do a tummy tuck, now with this technique, you can go in and remove the fat and help tighten the skin with the machine so that the end result would be a nice aesthetic result from just doing SmartLipo rather than a tummy tuck." He says that the Triplex helps avoid scarring as well. "A lot of people who are afraid of having an enlarged scar would benefit from this method. It still won't replace the tummy tuck, but it certainly broadens your patients' selection for liposuction."

smartlipo triplex
SmartLipo Triplex Results of Dr. Joel Beck

Dr. Beck has been using the SmartLipo Triplex since February of this year and is pleased with the results. Cynosure added a new wavelength so that there are three used in this device. "[I]t was a 1440, which focuses on fat, and supposedly it has a 20 times or 40 times greater affinity for melting the fat than the MPX did and so it's much quicker, more powerful and most likely more effective."

The SmartLipo device has made a significant mark on Dr. Beck's practice and he rarely performs traditional liposuction any longer. "These days I'm pretty much using the SmartLipo for everything." He says that the only patients he doesn't sculpt with SmartLipo are those who want to reuse their fat for a fat transfer procedure because the fat cells are no longer viable.

If you're interested in a sexier stomach or slimmer thighs, check with your cosmetic surgeon to see if a SmartLipo procedure is right for you.