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All the Lift Without the Scar - Fat Transfer Buttock Augmentation


This combination procedure removes fat from one area and then injects it into another so that you have volume where you want it most.

Curves are back. Between celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lopez strutting their assets down the red carpet there's no doubt - a voluptuous figure with an ample backside is in right now. Those interested in buttock augmentation may want to look into a natural alternative that uses your own fat. Dr. Robert Burke, a cosmetic surgeon who performs a fat transfer procedure to the buttocks in Ann Arbor that uses your own fat to help give you the curves you want.

"The ideal candidate is a woman who has some fat elsewhere who is not too thin and that has good fat," says Dr. Burke. "So what I look for in the ideal candidate is a woman who's between the ages of 35 and 45 and has reasonable body tone." Dr. Burke also says the ideal patient is in good health and just needs just a little help to get the full and lifted look that's become popular.

burke natural butt lift
Actual Results of Dr. Burke's Natural Butt Lift Procedure

Dr. Burke performs liposuction in one area and uses the fat to fill out and provide a lifted look to the buttocks. "What I have to have is a good donor sight and what I prefer is to use the tummy as the donor sight." Patients like the dual results of this procedure. Dr. Burke says, "[The natural butt lift] accomplishes 2 things, they get liposuction in one area and an augmentation in another. The critical thing is to have that good donor sight. One of the problems that I find is too many people that come in don't have good fat so they don't have enough fat in the donor sight to do a good butt lift."

While this procedure is called a butt "lift," for most patients there's actually very little lifting involved. Rather, Dr. Burke places the fat in just the right area so that your tush looks lifted. The lifting procedure is complicated and leaves a significant scar. "Some of the butts I do lift but the problem is that the scar always widens... even in the best of cases that I see, it widens to the width of a small belt and in some cases it widens to the width of a belt. So it's something you always have to hide. I have a lot of women that come to me with those kind of scars and want to revise but I really try to not to do a surgical butt lift," says Dr. Burke.