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Browlift with Less Incisions on "The Doctors"


Minimally invasive procedures are on the rise, and a new endoscopic technique provides a gentler yet effect browlift.

Gravity is a force against which we are all powerless. As the years pass, gravity takes an ever more noticeable toll on our bodies and faces. Collagen breaks down and muscles lose their strength our skin begins to droop and sag. A brow lift takes back some of what gravity has stolen and restores the brows to their original height.

Traditionally, browlift involves a long incision from ear to ear in a straight line over the top of the head. After the incision is made, the physician pulls the skin away exposing the muscles which will be to be trimmed. After trimming, the muscles are reattached, excess skin is removed and the incision is closed with stitches or staples. Some bandages are used occasionally to protect the healing scars. Now there is a new endoscopic technique that avoids the large incision.

Dr. Drew Ordon, a cast member of The Doctors, recently performed this procedure for the show. He uses only 3 incisions in the brow area for this patient, but sometimes as many as 5 are required. Small pegs are fixed on the bone and the tissue is attached to them. Dr. Ordon says the pegs dissolve over time, and the procedure takes about an hour and a half.

After making the incisions, the physician separates the tissues from the bone structure in the forehead using lighted instruments. He drills hole in the bone and attaches the pegs to the skull. The pegs are known as the Endotine Ribbon and are made by the Coapt Company. There are little barbs on them and after pulling up on the brow and forehead, Dr. Ordon sets the skin and tissue onto the pegs. According to The Doctors website, recovery takes about 2 weeks.

brow lift before and after