ASAPS most Social Media Savvy of the Aesthetic Societies


The 2010 American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery was by far the most "tweeted" and "Facebooked" meeting of any the major society meetings to date.

Hats off to the vision and direction of ASAPS President Dr. Renato Saltz and Vice President Dr. Jeffrey Kenkel for bringing The Aesthetic Meeting 2010 into the social media age. Plastic surgeons that we interviewed were very impressed with the flow of information and updates that were provided over social media outlets Twitter, Facebook and more.

In recent years, social media networking has become a critical component of marketing and information delivery across all markets. As more and more consumers begin getting their information from Twitter or Facebook, these are now a way that many stay in touch as people opt for Facebook messages over email.

Some of the other aesthetic groups have yet to embrace the world of social media networking, and much to their detriment. This new way of speaking to both patients and colleagues allows you to get only the information you want, from the sources you care about, as well as get the information to a targeted audience. With over 1,000 Facebook Fans and more than 20 posts in the last few days, as well as a screen with a live feed right at the entrance, ASAPS has not only entered - but owned the social media experience. Become a fan of ASAPS!

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