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Jennifer Lopez Talks About Her "Flabby Belly"

J.Lo tells "Us Weekly" about getting her body back now that she's a working mommy.

After giving birth to twins in February 2008, Jennifer Lopez says she didn't give too much thought at all to her new figure. According to Us Weekly, Lopez said "I remember my flabby belly hanging out right after I gave birth... I kind of laughed and said to Marc, 'Look, baby! Isn't this crazy?' I just didn't care." She said she was still carrying around the extra weight as long as 8 months after having the babies, which is forever in Hollywood time, and that her twins Emme and Max inspired her to lose 50 lbs.

jennifer lopez us weekly
Courtesy of www.usmagazine.com

For many mommies, diet and exercise can't quite tackle that stubborn baby bulge. Cosmetic surgery is often the solution, so much so that many physicians have developed what they call the mommy makeover. This multiple procedure treatment can both save money and recovery time when all performed together.

The focus of the mommy makeover is to repair those areas affected by pregnancy. The procedure combination varies by physician but it most often includes breast augmentation, traditional liposuction or laser lipo, a tummy tuck, and vaginal rejuvenation.

Patients like this procedure combination for a number of reasons:
  • Price: Physicians will usually offer a discount when all of these procedures are performed at once. This is only for those healthy enough to withstand the anesthesia, which your physician will discuss with you.
  • Recovery: Many mommies would rather go through only one period of recovery rather than multiple surgery/recovery times.
  • Results: Rather than going through multiple procedures to get to your desired result, this one trip under the knife is all many need.