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Cell-Enriched Cosmetic Surgery Enhances Your Beauty Naturally


Stem cells enhance your own natural fat, for an all natural cosmetic surgery procedure.

Dallas area surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Caruth of Plano Aesthetics has developed a procedure that uses your own fat, taken from the areas where you don't want it, enriches it with stem cells, and then places the fat where you would like it to go. The fat has multiple uses from breast augmentation, to facial or hand fillers.

stem cell facelift before and after photo
Actual Results of Dr. Jeffrey Caruth

This single procedure not only removes fat you don't want, but it replaces it and changes multiple areas of your body, making for a more full-body change. The procedure can be performed under either local or general anesthesia. Dr. Caruth will perform liposuction to remove some excess body fat, which typically comes from the stomach, hips or thighs. Using the fat suctioned from the body, technology is used to process some of the tissue and to extract and concentrate the regenerative and stem cells which naturally occur there. The remaining fat is specially washed to remove impurities. The concentrated cells and purified fat are combined and then injected into the desired areas of the body or face.

The procedure typically lasts between 3 and 4 hours and you can expect some swelling afterward. Patients report a natural look and feel following the procedure.