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IPL Treatments Remove Age Spots and Sun Damage


If you want to see clearer skin, IPL treatments will reveal a new you.

Recently featured on The Doctors, {!intense pulsed light (IPL) | ipl} treatments are a non-invasive treatment for damaged skin. Without damaging the skin's surface, this photo-rejuvenation technique helps eliminate the signs of damaged skin. The light wavelengths typically range anywhere between 400 to 1300 Nm depending on the severity on the skin damage. Typically, IPL is used as a treatment technique on skin issues of the face, such as dark circles or aging spots, but it is completely safe and effective enough to use anywhere on the body.

This treatment is different than other skin procedures like ablative and fractional resurfacing treatments. As Dr. Drew Ordon points out in today's show, it is designed specifically for the brown spots, sun spots, and age spots that add years to your face. He uses the Alma Harmony XL Cosmetic Laser for the treatment on the show.

ipl before and after photo

The IPL treatment procedures are fairly simple. First the physician will apply a cold gel to the treatment area, and you will be given dark sunglasses to protect your eyes from the bright light. The IPL hand piece is designed with a smooth surface that's made of glass, which is applied to the damaged area of your skin. Some patients report a sensation similar to a rubber band snapping against your skin, but patients describe it as generally painless. It does require more than one treatment, often as many as 4-7 which are done about every two weeks.

According to Dr. Ordon, IPL treatments may help reduce your risk for skin cancer as it treats skin lesions that may become cancerous if left untreated. He also recommends getting to know your freckles and moles to keep an eye out for changes.