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MAstertuck Offers an Alternative to Tummy Tuck


One New York cosmetic surgeon is using an advanced technique to remove large volumes of fat and tighten skin.

One of the problematic issues with traditional liposuction is it's inability to tighten the skin. Many lipo patients find that after their initial fat removing procedure, they also need a tummy tuck surgery to remove the excess skin. New liposuction techniques which use lasers or ultrasound to melt the fat before it is removed are also able to provide some skin tightening through thermal activation of the skin's collagen.

One physician has developed a technique which provides skin shrinkage of up to 19 percent immediately following the procedure, with that number increasing to between 30 and 40 percent after a month. It's called MAstertuck and was developed by Dr. Mokhtar Asaadi.


"For some people, no matter how much they diet and exercise, they can't rid themselves of excess weight that is genetically predisposed to accumulate around the mid-section. The MAstertuck(TM) can give them the 'kickstart' they need," says Dr. Asaadi. He uses Vaser advanced ultra-sound energy to emulsify fat so that it can be removed from targeted areas of the body. He is able to remove large volumes of fat, and provide appropriate skin tightening, helping patients avoid the need for further traumatic procedures.

"In the past, many of the people who most wanted liposuction ? those with larger amounts of fat to lose ? were faced with a conundrum: Liposuction could remove the fat, but not the loose and hanging skin that was left over after the procedure. The only way to achieve the smooth, attractive contour desired was to undergo the inconvenience, discomfort and medical risk of a follow-up surgical tummy tuck." The MAstertuck helps these patients to acheive the results they desire without additional procedures.