Pelleve: Wrinkle Wand Erases Wrinkles Like Magic As Seen on "The Doctors"


The Pelleve radio frequency device remodels collagen to improve skin's appearance.

This small radio frequency (RF) device from Pelleve greatly reduces the appearance of your wrinkles and requires just a few minutes for treatment. Dubbed "The Wrinkle Wand," physicians and patients are seeing improvement in just two treatments.

Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Chipps visits The Doctors to demonstrate this new device she uses to make her patients look younger and erase years off their face. By delivering heat to the tissues, the collagen begins to break down. As part of the skin's natural healing process, the collagen restructures and grows back stronger than before. This new tighter skin is tighter with less wrinkles.

What makes Pelleve really special is the handpiece. It is much smaller than the majority of RF devices which Dr. Chipps says allows her to really focus on the areas of concern for her patients. Many other devices use larger treatment tips so that physicians can treat patients faster, but perhaps without the high degree of precision allowed by a smaller tip.

Doctors cast member Dr. Drew Ordon says the treatment costs around $1300 per session and two sessions are typically needed. The sessions should be scheduled about a month apart and improvement should continue for around 6 months as the collagen remodels. Treatment is not painful and there is no downtime.

pelleve on the doctors
Results after two treatments, courtesy of