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"What Recession? 12 of Our Clients Doubled Last Year!" Says Acara Medical Spa Consultants


Opening and managing an aesthetic practice or medical spa can be a daunting task. Acara Medical Spa Consultants assists these practices from the ground up to build a successful business.

francis acunzo
Francis X. Acunzo
President/CEO, Acara

Many physicians and entrepreneurs are looking to open their own medical spa or aesthetic practice, but need some assistance in understanding the operations and marketing of a cosmetic medical office. Acara Medical Spa Consultants lend their knowledge of aesthetic marketing, sales, and operations to offices all over the country and abroad, and even led 12 clients to doubling their sales in last year's frantic economic climate. American Health & Beauty Editor Keith Veseleny recently spoke to Francis X. Acunzo, President and CEO of Acara to find out what sets them apart from other consulting firms.

"What's really different about working with Acara versus working with some other consultants is the fact that you are hooking into a very experienced executive team," says Acunzo. "We're not generalists, we're specialists."

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    How to Leverage Social Media for Aesthetic Practices & MedSpas

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Acara has built a strong group of experienced professionals who are familiar with the logistics of managing a medical spa or aesthetic practice. "On the team we have a VP of Marketing; we have a VP of Operations; we have a Director of Sales and Operations; we have a VP of Information Technology. We have a group that originally... was set up to operate a chain of 37 medical spas back 6 years ago and this team now is available for the individual medical spa or cosmetic practice." Currently Acara manages and operates more than 75 cosmetic practices and is able to bring their years of experience to the public.
injecting the market

Acunzo attributes Acara's success to the focus on developing a clear cut plan. "It's all about planning - creating the right marketing plan, promotions plan, advertising campaign," he says. "You can't just say, 'I want to run an ad every week and I'll figure out what the ad will be promoting.' You have to actually, in advance - typically 60 days - come up with a promotions plan. What will you be promoting in 60 days from now? You then have to come up with an ad campaign to promote it, you then have to design, or determine how you're going to communicate that message in-house and in what publications, or online like American Health & Beauty, so it all ties together. But it has to be actively managed. It's really hard for a single operator, entrepreneur, a small business owner so when you hire Acara, you're not on your own. You're plugged in to this executive team that knows exactly how to do it and has the tools to execute on the plan."

Acara offers customized plans and actually makes site visits to their customers to built the right plan of action for them and their market. They cover everything from local competition to internal management to help aesthetic offices find success.