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Obesity in America, Depression, and Cosmetic Weight Loss Alternatives


As obesity levels near epidemic proportions, alternative treatments for weight loss become more of an option.

Editor's Note: The below is a guest post written by MetropolitanMDs.

Obesity in today's youth can't solely be attributed to overeating and lack of exercise. It's important we understand that excessive weight gain can be influenced by heredity and familial behavior. Even Psych 101 tells us overeating can be a behavioral problem. In a reputable piece published by Medical News Today, doctors from the University of Adelaide linked obesity directly with depression. Specifically, Dr. Evan Atlantis goes on to state, "Although the topic is largely unexplored, several psychosocial, lifestyle and physiological factors may be involved in the complex inter-relationship between obesity and mental illness...."

lunchtime lipo

Subsequent feelings of low self esteem, low self worth, and guilt often contribute greatly to a person's everyday eating habits. Dr. Atlantis goes on with stating, "Obesity may constitute a chronic stressful state, which in turn can cause significant physiological dysfunction. Such dysfunction would then predispose individuals to depressed mood and associated symptoms." Ultimately, this dysfunction would activate the endocannabinoid system, which in turn, increases appetite and may altogether alleviate depression.

Some of the most common causes of obesity in the world today are:

  • Diet
  • Lifestyle
  • Metabolism
  • Genetics/Heredity
  • Emotions
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Medications
  • Diseases

    This domino effect allows many people to dig themselves into a hole regarding weight gain and depression. It's not an easy task to eliminate excessive fat due to depressive symptoms. Ultimately, the person finds him/herself having to overcome depression and lose weight concurrently. As challenging as a task this may sound, people still have options.

    Alternatives can include weight-loss procedures from Chicago liposuction and cosmetic surgery specialist Dr. Edward Lack of MetropolitanMD. Dr. Lack's partner, Dr. Joseph Franco, discusses excess fat and skin here."...The skin is generally loose after pregnancies...." Loose abdominal walls require tightening through cosmetic practice and science has come up with a new cosmetic practice to reduce weight in a very efficient manner.
    dr. edward lack
    Dr. Edward Lack

    LipoDissolve (also known as "Lunchtime Lipo") is a new and experimental weight loss and "fat-melting" cosmetic procedure that many see as an alternative to liposuction surgery. It involves a series of tiny injections that are full of chemicals that dissolve fat in many areas of the body like the hips, stomach, face, waist, and arms. These chemicals quickly break down the fat in these areas, and individuals who take part in the treatment have been shown to lose around 2-6 centimeters off the fatty area with each injection. LipoDissolve is not a permanent weight loss solution, however. While it does help break down fat in the body, it doesn't prevent future weight gain from occurring.

    Some are cautious when suggesting LipoDissolve as a weight loss solution because of questions surrounding the safety of the chemicals injected. However, for the most part it works as an effective and swift solution to the obesity problem that many have to deal with everyday.