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Botox for Treating Depression?


A new study suggests that Botox may help to improve your mood.

Botox eliminates wrinkles, diminishes the appearance of fine lines and has been used to treat both migraines and excessive sweating. Now, there's some research which suggests that Botox may improve your mood.


According to the Washington Post a number of physicians were noticing that patients who had reported symptoms of depression prior to receiving Botox injections often reported that their symptoms had faded and they were feeling happier. The study involved 40 patients and who were shown pictures of faces expressing emotions both before and 2 weeks after treatment. After Botox, patients were slower to recognize angry or sad emotions on the faces of others but showed the same reaction time to happy emotions as before Botox.

The study is set to be published in the journal Psychological Science and supports the "facial feedback hypothesis." This states that physical expressions inspire an emotional response from our brains, and not just the other way around. In this case, the Botox injections prevented frowning, and so delayed the perception of negative statements.

This study was recently discussed on The Doctors who also mention that looking better makes you feel better about yourself. If you do your hair or makeup, an improved appearance often results in an improved mood. They do note though that having a cosmetic procedure done is not the ideal way to deal with depression.