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Heart Healthy Eating Tips from Fitness Guru Shaun Kelley


Here are some tips designed to help you get healthy. The weight loss and gorgeous abs are just one of the pleasant side effects of Shaun Kelley's weight loss plan.

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Eating healthy isn't just about looking good in a bikini, though that is a nice perk. It's about being healthy for life - for you heart, for your family, and most of all, for yourself. Houston fitness trainer and celebrity Shaun Kelley shared some of his best tips for more than just a diet; they're tips for life.
  • A Fistful is Best - "I've always said, portions are everything," advises Kelley. He goes on to say that the appropriate portion size, "Your fist is the size of your stomach so its simple: 40% of your fist size should be protein, the other 60% is a combination of simple and complex carbohydrates." Anything you eat over that amount can't be processed by the body quickly enough and will be turned into fat.
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  • Go Brown - White rice causes a spike in your blood sugar, which in turn causes your body to produce more insulin. Kelley says this dramatic fluctuation pattern, "actually negates the fat loss process.... You want to gradually increase the blood sugar as the day goes on." The word gradual is key here, which is a critical benefit of brown rice. "Brown rice burns slower so it doesn't elevate the blood sugar so quickly."

  • Put a Little Spice in Your Life - Avoid flavoring your foods with fats such as olive oil and butter. "Olive oil's good, but let me tell you, fat's fat any way you slice it," says Kelley. He advises spicing up foods with dry seasonings such as thyme, basil or some of the premade spice blends. "I think that I own every Mrs. Dash you can get and I douse all my foods with that."

  • Be a Label Hunter - Kelley warns us to not be fooled by the labels. "The federal government allows corporate America to print a product fat free if it's 0.4 grams of fat or less per serving." When that serving size is very small, it's easy to accidentally use too much and ingest more fat than you should.

  • Do the Math - Food labels have information not only on the fat, but what percent of the calories in a serving come from the fat. "Keep it below 30%," is what Kelley advises. Keeping your fat consumption low will keep your body in balance, helping you enjoy a longer life.

  • Order Matters - "Always eat your protein first. Protein stabilizes your blood sugar so you always want to eat your protein first and then you want to have a green with a [complex carbohydrate like] brown rice." Eating this way helps your body to process the foods you introduce properly.
"I know it's often difficult to keep up the healthy eating habits, which is why I developed a delicious Heart Healthy line of foods." If you live in the Houston area, Kelley has designed a weight loss plan that allows you to pick up your food for days at a time, prepared fresh and delicious with a gourmet twist and always with your heart in mind.