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Tanda Light Therapies Bring Spa Treatments Home


This at home anti-aging light therapy device is featured on "The Doctors" as a great way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

We hear a lot of talk about aging gracefully, but not many of us know how to do it. Today, The Doctors discuss health from A to Z and their first stop is anti-aging. This concern is common and the people at Tanda understand that.

Light therapy is commonly used in medical practices for a variety of reasons. The Zerona laser uses a low level light therapy to cause pores to open in the fatty cells so that they empty their contents and the fat is flushed away. Fractional resurfacing treatments also use light - but not at low levels. Rather, machines like Fraxel use a hot laser to stimulate collagen growth.

The Tanda Regenerate Anti-Aging Light Therapy Treatment is a hand held device for home use which uses low level light to accomplish something similar to fractional devices you would see at your physician's office. The Tanda is completely painless and the infrared light stimulates collagen and elastin growth. If used properly and for at least 30 days, many users experience a subtle, yet noticeable change in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The results are not as dramatic as a fractional resurfacing treatment, but the Tanda offers the added benefit of treating yourself at home.

The device sells on Tanda's website for $275, while fractional treatments from your aesthetic provider typically run into the thousands.

tanda light therapy
Tanda Before and After Results Featured on The Doctors