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Stem Cell Breast Augmentation: The Next and Natural Step in Breast Enlargement


Stem Cell Breast Augmentation offers women what they've always wanted: effectively moving their own fat around to where they actually want it!

Autologous fat transfer for breast augmentation was first introduced in the late 1980s and sparked a debate that eventually caused the procedure to be banned. Due to recent technological advances pioneered by Dr. Todd Malan, this ban has now been lifted and Stem Cell Breast Augmentation is now a viable option for women who want to naturally enlarge their breasts - with their own fat. The first U.S. doctor to perform a Stem Cell Breast Augmentation, Dr. Malan recently spoke with American Health & Beauty editor, Keith Veseleny, about this innovative and exciting procedure.

stem cell breast aug b- a
Actual before and after results of Stem Cell Breast Augmentation, performed by Dr. Todd Malan

"At its inception in the U.S.," Dr. Malan says, "Fat transfer was only effective 50% (or less) of the time and was fraught with many complications which eventually led to the procedure being abandoned." Overseas, however, in Europe and Japan, scientists continued to work and improve upon the procedure. In recent years, Dr. Malan has brought it back home and further increased it's efficacy to 85-90% fat survival by introducing adult stem cells to the equation.

Dr. Malan begins the Stem Cell Breast Augmentation procedure with the {!Body Jet Water Liposuction, | Body-Jet} which gently removes intact fat. Traditional liposuction uses mechanical forces may rip or tear surrounding tissue, thus polluting the fat. By using Body Jet, Dr. Malan also avoids potential water contamination. "With traditional liposuction, fluid is allowed to sit for a long time," he says, "A lot of that fluid gets absorbed into the fat cells. Once you place that fat into the breast and the water is absorbed, you're going to lose volume."

The key to a successful fat transfer is pure, uncontaminated fat. From this fat, Dr. Malan extracts and separates regenerative and stem cells from fat cells, which are then activated and concentrated. The concentrated stem cells are then mixed into the fat cells and injected into the breast to increase volume. The hyper concentrated stem cells help grow new blood vessels to feed the fat, release anti-inflammatory substances to assist in healing, and release growth factors to tighten skin over the breast.

The results are permanent and the procedure is recommended for patients who want to increase their cup size by only 1-2 cup sizes. Unlike static fillers, the fat injected into the breast is dynamic and will change if the patient gains or loses weight. However, the fat that is transferred retains the characteristics of the site of which the fat was initially removed. For example, Dr. Malan says, "A patient may want to remove fat from stubborn areas because even with diet and exercise, it's the last place they lose weight and the first place they gain weight." When that fat is injected into the breast, it will mirror the same pattern. So according to Dr. Malan, this is the main concern of many patients: "I gained 10-15 pounds and where I used to see my weight gain on my flanks, I now see it on my breasts."

Now that is a "complaint" that American Health & Beauty thinks most women can deal with!
dr malan
Dr. Todd Malan
Director of the Smartlipo Institute in of Scottsdale, Arizona, Todd K. Malan, M.D. has performed more Smartlipo? procedures than any surgeon in the United States. Dr. Malan received his Bachelors Degree from Brigham Young University where he was an All American Scholar. He graduated in the top 10% of his class and with Honors from the University of Arizona College of Medicine in May 1993. He then completed a Surgical Internship followed by the completion of residency at Walter Reed Army and Bethesda Naval hospitals in Washington, D.C.