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Cynosure Launches Official SmartLipo Patient Site


New website informs aesthetic consumers about body contouring with SmartLipo.

SmartLipo, known by physicians and patients as the gold standard in laser lipo, has just launched www.smartlipocynosure.com, a site for patients to learn about the technology and the advantages it offers. The site features before and after photos as well as patient testimonials and medical information.

American Health & Beauty discussed body sculpting with Denver SmartLipo provider Dr. John Millard. He says, "SmartLipo allows us to do much more than just remove deep fatty layers or de-bulk people.... You can take SmartLipo into the face, neck, calves, ankles, arms, really almost every body area can be affected and improved upon by SmartLipo."

Screen shot from www.smartlipocynosure.com
The key difference between laser lipo technologies and traditional liposuction is the use of laser energy to melt the fat before it is removed. This allows for greater precision in fat removal and better sculpting capabilities. The second key difference is the skin tightening capabilities of laser lipo devices, and specifically SmartLipo. Dr. Millard asserts, "The SmartLipo Multi-plex, and now, even more so, the SmartLipo Triplex can be utilized as a single device for both mass fat removal, skin tightening and body sculpting." The skin tightening function allows physicians to often avoid additional skin removal procedures such as tummy tuck and arm lift. "SmartLipo can effectively, rapidly, and safely remove fat from any body area and any body volume that traditional lipo or ultrasound lipo could."
smartlipo hi definition before and after photos
Actual SmartLipo Hi Def Results of Dr. John Millard

Faster healing is another advantage of SmartLipo technology. "With liposuction, patients are typically thrown into a compression garment and told not to exercise for 6 weeks.... We have pioneered some advanced garment techniques where we use foam vests and garments, in combination with a specialized type of massage. We use radio frequency, we use external ultrasound, and we use the Cynosure TriActive as well in combination for 1 hour a day the first 10 days after the procedure." Dr. Millard says these procedures prevent most of the swelling from ever happening.