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Seven Tips for Aging Well: Keep the Wisdom, Toss the Wrinkles


While wisdom is revered, sadly, wrinkles are not. Aging is a fact of life that carries many benefits, but it also means physical changes to your face and body that you may not like. There are many non-surgical options now available to help you avoid the knife and maintain a healthy, youthful appearance.

Recently featured on The Today Show, in a new book, Face It: What Women Really Feel as Their Looks Change, authors Vivian Diller, PhD and Jill Muir-Sukenick, PhD examine the mixed messages women receive about beauty and aging. They discuss why it is that though we understand aging intellectually, we still have a deep emotional reaction to wrinkles and gray hair.

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The Editors of American Health & Beauty would like to share some simple tips to turn back the clock on your face, keeping the wisdom and leaving behind the wrinkles.
  • Fractional Resurfacing- Procedures like Fraxel and Affirm tighten the skin and stimulate collagen growth using columns of light energy to penetrate the skin. These treatments reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots, even out skin tone and improve scarring with little downtime.

  • Chemical Peel- Using a mild acid, the top layer of skin is damaged and sheds so that new growth occurs, leaving you with new, younger looking skin. These are very safe when performed by a trained professional but do require some recovery time for new skin to grow.

  • Skin Tightening- Reaction by Viora is a new example of non-surgical technology that tighten and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Collagen and elastin growth are stimulated and as these grow, the skin tightens.

  • Botox and Dysport- These two wrinkle fighters use a purified and dilute version of the botulinum toxin to block the neural pathways and keep your muscles from contracting for around 3-4 months. Most physicians add a local painkiller such as lidocaine to the injection to ease discomfort.

  • Facial Fillers- Products such as Juvederm and Restylane use hyaluronic acid to fill wrinkles and take the lines away. Many of these products are now available from the manufacturer with a local pain killer so treatment is nearly painless. Different formulations last for different lengths of time, some as long as a year.

  • Hand Rejuvenation- Your hands can give away your age and fillers can help. They are injected into the hands to restore their appearance. Some physicians perform fat transfer and remove unwanted fat, injecting it into the hands to restore their youth.

  • Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion- The sun does serious damage to the skin and these procedures use a machine that combines an abrasive surface with suction to act as a sander and remove the top layer of skin, and the sun damage on it.