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Oscar Prep Part 1: Celebs Get Red Carpet Ready


The Oscars are only two days away and Hollywood's A-list are just putting on the final touches, picking accessories and writing thank you speeches.

The biggest night of the year for Hollywood is this Sunday when the red carpet rolls out to welcome the best and brightest to the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. We spoke to Dr. Nicholas Nikolov, acclaimed Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to the stars. A few noted actors and Hollywood celeb patients of his will be attending the Oscars, and they've been coming to him these last few days/weeks to prepare themselves. Some will come this week for final touchups. Dr. Nikolov shares some insider Hollywood info to fill you in on what goes on behind the scenes just days before the Academy Awards.

the oscars sandra bullock
Sandra Bullock at the 82nd Annual Academy
Awards Nominee Luncheon

Celebrities work to look good all year round, so typically, any surgical procedures would have been done months ago. "They're looking at small touch ups and they want to make sure that they look their absolute best.... We're looking at smaller procedures, mainly skin care, Botox, fillers like Juvederm and {!Restylane," | restylane} says Dr. Nikolov. For small surgical procedures, those would usually be done in November or December, knowing that the awards season is right around the corner. An example of such procedures would be, "taking a little bit of skin from the upper eyelids or a little bit of fat from the lower eyelids just to make them a little bit fresher, make them look more youthful."

The stars don't use Botox on just their foreheads. They will have injections "in the armpit to prevent sweating. Using deodorant like most of us do is great, however, when you have a fabulous gown on, you do not want a deodorant stain... that under the hot lights will certainly show. Also, with the heals getting higher and higher, occasionally women have a hard time walking in them and they will have a lot of pain, so injecting a little bit of Botox in certain muscles at the balls of the feet may relax those muscles and make women more comfortable in those high heels.... Women on the red carpet are always smiling and being on the Oscars and being nominated or being a presenter is a good reason for that, however, frequently women will do a little bit of Botox under the corner of the mouth at each side, and that turns up the mouth and turns that smile and makes it more pronounced."

Many Oscar gowns are off the shoulder or have spaghetti straps, and Dr. Nikolov warns, "It's important also not to address just the skin care of the face, but also it's important to have the skin of the shoulders and the back look great. Blemishes or acne certainly won't look attractive in a dress like that, and women are paying a lot of attention to those areas as well."

Dr. Nikolov says the best way to look fantastic for any occasion is not to wait for cosmetic surgery, but to maintain a healthy lifestyle all the time. Good skin care is critical, and little touch ups here and there like a chemical peel are important.