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Cutera Laser Hair Removal on Good Morning America


It's time to start getting ready for summer and GMA has the ticket with laser hair removal from Cutera.

{!Laser Hair Removal's | laser hair removal} popularity has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years as patients look to reduce their time spent shaving as well as the razor burns and bumps commonly associated with shaving. ABC's Good Morning America recently featured the Cutera laser for permanent hair reduction and discussed the benefits and risks associated with laser hair removal.

cutera laser hair removal on good morning america
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Patients have their hair treated with a laser for a variety of reasons, a key one being that traditional treatments such as shaving or depilatory creams are either not useful or leave behind unwanted bumps. Most depilatory creams are not recommended for use on the face and women with embarrassing facial hair are left with few options outside of the laser. Bleaching smells and can cause damage if not done properly and shaving may leave telltale bumps which are just as embarrassing as the hair itself. For patients such as these, laser hair removal is a fantastic option.

Dr. Susan Evans, the Director of Dermatology at Cosmetic Physicians of Beverly Hills and a cast member on E!'s Dr. 90210, demonstrates laser hair removal with the Cutera laser. She points out two of the advantages to this system - the CoolGlide feature which greatly reduces patient discomfort, and the ProWave feature, which allows for treatment of larger surface areas at one time so that treatment time is reduced.

Laser hair removal uses laser light energy to target the melanin in the hair, heating and killing it at the base, or follicle. For years the treatment was only recommended for those with relatively light skin and dark hair. Because the laser seeks out darker pigmentation to identify what is skin and what is hair, those with dark skin or light hair were prone to burns from the laser. New technologies have been developed that allow people of all skin types and hair color to enjoy the benefits of laser hair removal.

Before treatment begins, shaded glasses are placed over the eyes to protect them from the laser. Dr. Evans says that the treatment is not completely pain-free but there is only mild discomfort and it is tolerated well by most patients, especially with the CoolGlide feature.

Generally around 5 treatments are necessary because of the hair growth cycle. The amount of treatments you need depends greatly on the amount of hair removal you desire, and how much hair you have. One patient may need only 3 treatments to achieve their desired result, whereas another patient may need 7 treatments for the same area. Because several treatments are needed, and they are spaced about a month apart, it is important to begin hair removal several months before you need it. Now is a good time to begin your treatments to be ready for bikini season.

It is important to see a licensed center for this procedure and to ensure that the practitioner has experience with the machine used.