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Purigenex Topical Collagen Treatment Returns the Look of Youth Without Needles or Surgery

Collagen does the work of dermal fillers in this new formulation, recently featured on "Extra."

A new topical collagen treatment, Purigenex, rejuvenates your skin as the only Type 1 collagen available in topical cosmetic form. The collagen can prevent and repair signs of aging, including skin discoloration and fine lines. Damage from the sun and acne scars are treated as well.

The collagen works by penetrating the skin to support and build connective tissue elasticity. Skin is able to bounce back from the effects of time and gravity. It will appear more youthful, smoother and more supple. The formulation of the collagen in Purigenex has shown that few, if any, have an allergic reaction and, according to the manufacturer, it integrates with skin cells very well.

PURIGENEX offers two therapies. One is the ICS Intensive Collagen Serum and ICM Ionized Collagen Mask. Both the serum and the mask are made with a highly purified atelocollagen. It is a non-immunogenic, bio-compatible element in the most active animal-source form. The ICS and ICM are FDA-registered, preservative-free formulas that are tolerated well, even by those with sensitive skin.

Regular use shows a boost in collagen integrity and the skin not only looks better, but is better equipped to function as one of the body's most important organs. Also, patients avoid stinging injections, more intense laser resurfacing, and chemical peels.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Brenner recently appeared on Extra and spoke about his experience with Purigenex, He uses the mask and is able to treat patients with no pain at all. There is no surgery nor needle involved with the treatment so patients are able to return to normal activities right away. How much does Purigenex cost? Dr. Brenner charges $1500 for a series of 8 masks and serum.

purigenex mask
Before and After photo courtesy of Extra