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Introducing Reaction by Viora: A Revolutionary Device for Skin Tightening and Cellulite Treatment


Reaction by Viora offers multiple treatments in one, benefiting both patients and physicians.

Beginning soon, physicians will have the option to perform skin tightening, cellulite reduction, and body sculpting - all with one minimally invasive device. Reaction by Viora uses different levels of radio frequency (RF) energy to reach different depths of the skin. Used singularly or in combination, the RF energies work to provide optimum treatment for a multitude of patients. Reaction by Viora will premier this March during the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) meeting in Miami.

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Actual Results of Reaction by Viora

"Reaction by Viora is the only system that gives me the ability to change frequencies. I can accurately gauge the depth of penetration necessary and specify it to my patients' needs," says Dr. Matthew Schulman, Board Certified plastic surgeon and Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine. "With other systems, you have to push harder against the skin to reach deeper or apply greater suction."

Dr. Schulman has been using Reaction by Viora for 10 months while it has been in clinical trials. He has found all three treatments - cellulite reduction , skin tightening and fat reduction to be effective. "I like to use Reaction for skin tightening of the neck and jowls, and have used it rather than liposuction to shrink the lower abs."

Dr. Richard Goldfarb, a cosmetic surgeon in Pennsylvania at the Center for SmartLipo says that the Reaction by Viora provides a "marked improvement in cellulite in the saddlebag area." He also uses it for skin tightening after liposuction surgery. "The typical protocol is, after liposuction," he says, "to have the patient come in for a post-op check up and use ultrasound to break up any pseudoseromas. Then, once the area is 'soft,' I use the Reaction to provide skin tightening."

The key to Viora's success is the CORE(TM) technology. The thermal effect is optimized at different depths and there are a full 144 treatment combinations available to the practitioner, giving the option to not only decrease the appearance of cellulite and tighten skin, but provide circumferential reduction as well. Reaction by Viora can treat these multiple body issues with one machine, avoiding the need to purchase multiple expensive, bulky machines to clutter the office.

Not only does Reaction by Viora offer flexibility to aesthetic providers, it also optimizes patient comfort and can be applied to just about anywhere on the body. Using a combination of vacuum therapy and radio frequency technology, the Reactions' Core technology integrates multiple frequencies to target many different areas of the body, including the arms, buttocks, face, neck, legs, stomach, hips and thighs.

When using the Reaction by Viora to treat cellulite, Dr. Goldfarb says treatment time is about 25-25 minutes and most patients have 4-8 sessions, depending on age and the severity of the cellulite. "Patients who are younger who have more skin elasticity and less cellulite require fewer treatments. The ideal patient is premenopausal and not obese; someone who is in generally good health with a small amount of fat they'd like to be rid of."

How much does Reaction by Viora cost? Both physicians offer treatment packages which average around $2500 per area.

The Reaction by Viora has been selling globally for over a year and recently received FDA clearance and Health Canada certification, and is now available for sale in North America as well.