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I'll Have the Fillers, Hold the Pain Please - The Next Move For Facial Fillers


Juvederm XC recently announced that it has received approval from the US FDA. It functions just as original Juvederm with the added advantage of lidocaine, a local anesthetic.

botox injection
The world is changing for injectables. Botox recently saw its competition Dysport gain FDA approval, and now, what used to be painful, isn't. In the new world of facial fillers, which pack all the punch of their original formulation, there is an added bonus. Lidocaine for pain relief. Treatment is just as effective and much less painful. Hydrelle was the first, followed by Prevelle Silk and recently, {!Juvederm? XC | juvederm} from Allergan. Since then, Restylane and Perlane both jumped on board.

Many physicians were already adding lidocaine to their fillers, but FDA approval may very well move the practice from common to required as competition in the filler market becomes more intense. Doctors and medical spas will be able to avoid topical anesthetics or anesthetic injections, greatly increasing patient comfort. The lidocaine numbs the treatment area within seconds making the injections much more bearable.

Furthermore, as Wendy Lewis, beauty expert and Editor in Chief of beautyinthebag.com wrote in HealthNewsDigest.com, "These product launches are also a giant leap for women who want multiple areas treated in one session will now comfortably be able to tolerate two, three, four or more syringes to enhance sagging cheeks, deep creases around the mouth, fill in hollows under the eyes and reshape the lips with ease. For all the filler virgins out there who have been afraid to take the plunge and have their first treatment because of the stinging of the needles, now is the perfect time to reconsider."