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The Burke BlueLift Rejuvenates Skin and Catches What Lasers May Miss


Michigan cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Burke has formulated the Burke BlueLift to refresh and renew the skin.

Introduced by Dr. Robert Burke, Detroit plastic surgeon of the Michigan Center for Cosmetic Surgery, the Burke BlueLift(TM) is a specially formulated chemical peel that can do more than just restore the skin, it can actually follow or out-perform laser skin treatments and repair damage the laser may have missed.

Using a solution of 15-30% trichloroacetic acid, the Burke BlueLift can be used on any skin type. Dr. Burke says, "I vary the number of coats and the strength of the solution depending on the amount of correction needed. For many, only one layer will refresh their skin lightly and they can go back to work in a day." He does caution that for deeper treatments, it may take as much as a week to fully heal.

Likely the greatest advantage of the Burke BlueLift is it's ability to transform your skin in usually only one treatment, as opposed to fractional treatments which require several visits to achieve the full result. According to Dr. Burke, "It can be used on any skin type and can correct skin issues such as hyperpigmentation." The BlueLift can also repair damage that may have been done by fractional treatments, or simply be used to provide a better result.

"Other chemical peels come with a full skin care line the patient must comply with in order to get maximum results. With the Burke BlueLift, the only compliance needed is to keep skin moisturized and use a good sun block," says Dr. Burke.

The change is noticeable after only one treatment, making it a much more cost effective solution. The Burke BlueLift only costs about $750, as compared to the thousands you'll spend on machines like Fraxel or Affirm.

chemical peel before and after
Actual results of Dr. Robert Burke, before is 6 months following a fractional procedure