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Heidi Montag: When is Too Much... Just Too Much?


Renowned surgeons discuss the ten cosmetic procedures that Heidi Montag underwent in one sitting.

heidi montag plastic surgery

Our nation is fired up by rumors involving cosmetic surgeries: How did Octomom lose over half of her previous weight from 270 pounds to 120 pounds? Is Tiger Woods really addicted to women who have had plastic surgery? And how about Heidi Montag - she of the ten-cosmetic- procedures-in-one-sitting queen? We at American Health and Beauty are wondering when is too much... simply too much?

Earlier today, AHB reported on Dr. Frank Ryan and his appearance on The Doctors. Dr. Ryan has been criticized by many for performing the procedures on Heidi Montag. In his interview, Dr. Ryan said that the procedure took about seven and a half hours, and about 9-10 hours total under anesthesia. He maintains that it is not uncommon in plastic surgery, particularly in Hollywood, to have a procedure take that long. The reason it's controversial because people who get this work done don't talk about it.

We spoke with several renowned cosmetic surgeons to get their opinion on the subject. Dr. Robert Burke, of Michigan Center for Cosmetic Surgery, renowned amongst his peers as an expert in the field of cosmetic enhancement says he prefers local anesthesia supplemented with light conscious sedation for patient comfort, avoiding the risks of prolonged general anesthesia. In reference to Heidi, Dr. Burke responded "she was pretty before her makeover... now she just looks older."

Dr. Darryl Blinski, a board certified plastic surgeon practicing in Miami, Florida also commented on the dangers of having a patient under general anesthesia for such a long period. He called it "very risky surgery" and that depending on the extent of each of the individual procedures, he would have performed it in two shorter sessions instead of one long one. Dr. Blinski says he "would have performed the facial procedures first and then waited 10 to 12 weeks for the body procedures."

Dr. Thomas Barnes, who has practiced for over 15 years in Newport Beach and has worked with many celebrities, says "At the Newport Beach Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center,we stopped using general anesthesia seven years ago." The movement should be towards smaller and safer procedures and alternatives to surgery to restore and refresh, instead of creating new identities.

Dr. Barnes has dubbed it the "Heidi Montag Syndrome," where attention is often related to landing media hype, attention, and quite probably for advancing one's media career. So who should we be expecting to see next? Americans are all about keeping up with the Jonses, who can out-hype whom... who will be next with 11 cosmetic procedures?