Plastic Surgeon Urges You to Be Your Best in New Book


All the choices in cosmetic procedures can seem overwhelming and the new book "Be Your Best" makes the information manageable.

Making an informed decision about plastic surgery can be difficult. There is a lot of information, many different procedures, and a wide variety of results that cosmetic treatments are designed to produce. Navigating through your options when it comes to improving your appearance is so daunting that many men and women simply don't know where to start. Fortunately, a new book called Be Your Best can help you make a wise choice.

be your best

Be Your Best, a compilation of information from 150 skilled plastic surgeons, is designed to be a great educational tool for the millions of Americans considering body-improving procedures. The book aims to answer all of the important questions that someone considering plastic surgery or cosmetic improvement might have.

The book touches upon both surgical and non-surgical procedures and provides comprehensive guidance about many aspects of the cosmetic improvement process. For example, doctors provide advice about how to choose a plastic surgeon, as well as about which non-invasive procedures are effective and which aren't worth the money. The book also provides useful information on managing expectations and ensuring a healthy and safe recovery.

The book is organized by the different types of body improvements, and covers facial procedures, body contouring procedures, breast augmentation and reduction, as well as non-invasive cosmetic improvement options. While the book explains all these procedures, it also provides an objective analysis of benefits and detriments of each, and the possible expected results.

The medical editor and principal writer of the book, Dr. Peter Bela Fodor is an internationally acclaimed aesthetic plastic surgeon who has been widely published and who was the co-editor of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery journal. Dr. Fodor, as well as all of the selected physicians, are respected doctors within their fields and are members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). The advice is enriched with technical expertise as well as practical tips for anyone considering body improvement.

As Fodor says, the book "is intended to help anyone who is interested in cosmetic procedures? in making wise choices for themselves or family members." The comprehensive guide is sure do as Fodor promises, with full color illustrations of procedures as well as diagrams illustrating techniques and expected results. For those who need a snapshot view of each procedure, the book also offers a "Fast Facts" sidebar with the quick tidbits you need to know, and an "Editor's Viewpoint " column written by Fodor commenting on each covered procedure.

Totaling 288 pages, the book is available at and most major booksellers. Dr. Fodor is also offering signed copies and brief telephone consultations with interested readers at no additional charge.