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AHB and ATnT Host Round Table Discussions at AACS


Liposuction has continuously been one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. There have been many changes and developments in the field and American Health and Beauty looks forward to discussing the latest in lipo at AACS.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) will hold its 26th Annual Scientific Meeting in Orlando, FL from January 28 - January 31. aacs orlando American Health and Beauty (AHB), in conjunction with Aesthetic Trends & Technologies (ATnT) magazine, will host two round table discussions with cosmetic surgeons.

Major Laser Lipo Brands

One will cover liposuction technologies such as water assisted liposuction, laser assisted lipo, and lipolysis with radio frequency energy. The other will discuss laser lipo specifically and cover the different brands currently available.

Keith Veseleny, Editor of American Health and Beauty will be speaking with experts in the field of liposuction. He says, "we hope to gather and share a better understanding of liposuction trends and technologies from the physicians who know them best."

"We continue to see better technology coming through the pipeline of products to make these procedures safer and more efficacious for the patients," stated Cindy Vandruff, Editor in Chief of Aesthetic Trends & Technologies journal for physicians in aesthetics and wellness. "This enables the physicians who are new to this application to have the information they need to better understand the procedures and to become educated on how to use the technology. We are a source to the industry for educational articles on technique and practice management to support these procedures in their practice."

Latest Liposuction Technologies

  • Laser Lipo
  • Ultrasonic Liposuction {!(Vaser) | vaser liposelection}
  • Water Assisted Liposuction {!(Body-Jet) | body-jet}
  • Tumescent Liposuction
  • Non-Invasive Lipolysis {!(Zerona/ | zerona} {!Zeltiq) | zeltiq}

In recent years, the competition has become fierce between the lipo brands. In the laser lipo market alone, there are more than 8 separate manufacturers competing for the top spot. Each manufacturer has not only their main brand, but most have variations on that brand as well, with each evolution trying to better itself.

"The goal of these round table discussions is not to prove that one technology is better than another, but rather to define what the strengths of each are," says Veseleny. "I'm excited to bring this information back to our readers as we continue to provide the most up-to-date news in the aesthetics industry."

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