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What Surgery do the Surgeons Get? Plastic Surgeons as Patients


Ever wonder if your cosmetic surgeon really knows what it's like?

Some consumers who are considering plastic surgery may wonder whether their doctor can truly empathize with what they are going through. After all, there is uncertainty as to how the results will turn out, high expectations to be met, and sometimes even a painful recovery period following some surgeries. Fortunately for these patients, a new study suggests that plastic surgeons have indeed walked a figurative mile in their patients' shoes. These new studies revealed that as many as 62% of plastic surgeons have undergone at least one type of plastic surgery procedure.

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Denver, Colorado researchers arrived at these figures after surveying members and candidate members from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). The researchers' aim was to determine the attitude that plastic surgeons actually have about cosmetic surgery. They asked plastic surgeons about their interest in a wide variety of procedures, from the minimally invasive to full surgical procedures. Responding surgeons were also questioned about how they selected a facility, the type of surgeon they used, and their satisfaction level with their results.

276 plastic surgeons responded to the survey. In addition to the results demonstrating that the majority of plastic surgeons have undergone cosmetic improvement, the report also revealed other important data about plastic surgeons' behavior when it comes to their own cosmetic improvement.

The surveys demonstrated that Botox was the most popular of the minimally invasive procedures plastic surgeons elected to undergo. Laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, soft tissue filler, chemical peels, leg vein laser treatments and laser skin resurfacing followed close behind Botox in popularity.

Females reported undergoing more of these minimally invasive procedures than the male surgeons surveyed, although a higher percentage of male plastic surgeons reported having cosmetic procedures as compared to men in the general population. Most of the surgeons, whether male or female, reported working with a surgeon that they knew prior to the survey.

30% of surgeons also surveyed reported having at least one surgical procedure. Liposuction was the most common of these procedures reported. Female plastic surgeons were also asked about their opinion on the choice they would make if faced with the need for breast reconstruction. 66% of the female surgeons surveyed selected implant-based reconstructions. 25% selected autologous reconstruction (reconstruction using tissue). Only 9% of the women surveyed said they would opt for no reconstruction at all.

These results can provide useful information to patients considering plastic surgery, as the doctors surveyed are experts in the field. The behavior of plastic surgeons can provide insight into the most effective techniques, since these physicians have a great opportunity to evaluate many cases first hand to compare results. Furthermore, patients can rest easy knowing that their surgeons really can empathize with their desire to improve their bodies and feel better about their appearance.