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Hair Loss & Hair Transplant Education Campaign Launches with YouTube Star Greg Benson and Dr. Alan Bauman


Breaking down the barriers to hair loss education.

Greg Benson, famed actor and comedian of Mediocre Films, is turning his talents to hair loss education. He is working with Dr. Alan Bauman, renowned hair loss expert and hair transplant surgeon, to reach millions of hair loss sufferers via YouTube looking to maintain, enhance or restore their own living and growing hair.

greg benson hair transplant

In November 2009, Benson underwent a NeoGraft/FUE hair transplant surgery with Dr. Bauman. This procedure takes grafts of live, growing hair and places them onto the balding or thinning areas of the scalp. Previously, hair transplant procedures were time consuming and the results were mediocre at best. The FUE treatment with the help of the NeoGraft machine provides better results and takes less time than previous procedures.

Benson's FUE transplant became the most-watched live hair transplant in history when its webcast was viewed simultaneously by over 13,000 people via Stickam.com. During his procedure, Benson tweeted, texted and blogged as well as spent time answering caller's questions during a live online chat hosted by Spencer Kobren, founder of the American Hair Loss Association and best-selling author of "The Bald Truth."

The remaining three videos can be seen below

The first video on Benson's main channel is a light-hearted take on his hair transplant procedure, followed by several in-depth interviews with Dr. Bauman about hair loss, its medical treatment and new, less invasive hair transplant options like NeoGraft FUE. "Greg Benson represents the sheer power of the digital age," says Mr. Kobren. "His efforts to educate hair loss sufferers through his personal experiences will profoundly impact the way millions view common male and female pattern baldness and its effective treatment. I applaud his willingness to put himself out there."

"As modern-day Hair Restoration Physicians, we are fighting against decades of old-style 'hair plugs,' clinics with poor patient care, myths, misconceptions and snake-oil salesmen," Bauman said. "These videos leverage the power of social media, bringing the 'power to the people' and letting them discover that with a trained, caring professional on their side, hair loss is truly a medically-treatable condition."

The new hair loss education film series by Greg Benson will launch online on Friday, January 15th.