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Top 10 Aesthetic Practice/Medical Spa Business Tips for 2010


If you already own or are thinking about owning a medspa of your own, here are some great tips to get (and keep) quality customers.

Top Ten Aesthetic Practice & Medspa Business Tips for 2010 from Acara, a medical spa consultant company which assists in developing, managing, and marketing your medspa.

  1. Follow-up ? Follow-up ? Follow-up
    Your team needs to consistently follow-up with leads, unclosed consults & existing clients. Top aesthetic practices are very good at managing their sales pipeline.

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  2. Stick to the Plan!
    Develop and implement a bi-monthly marketing plan with a budget. Be disciplined with this business practice, without a plan you will not achieve your sales goals.

  3. Capture All Leads
    Your reception team needs to document the name, phone number and e-mail address of each individual that calls interested in your services (a lead). In addition, every lead needs to be asked, "How did you hear about us?" and the information diligently documented.

  4. Set Goals
    Establish yearly and monthly sales & operating goals and track them through your monthly financial statements with budget comparisons.

  5. Hold Monthly Events
    Hold a monthly educational seminar open to the public (this is not a party it is a selling activity) either at your location or, if you expect a crowd, off-site.

  6. Maximize Your Website
    Search Engine Optimize (SEO) your Website and insure it has a lead capture form, phone number on every page, customer testimonials and before & after images

  7. Staff to Market Demand
    Staff your business according to customer demand specifically on the best days of the week and times of day.

  8. Distribute Online SEO Optimized Press Releases
    Once per month write, search engine optimize and distribute an Online Press Release that includes logo image, before & after photos and video tied back to your YouTube account.

  9. Market with R&R
    Implement a repeat & referral program, eventually it will help reduce your monthly marketing spend.

  10. Prioritize Your Business Decisions
    Ask yourself the following question prior to spending time or money on any new business initiative, tactic, medical procedure, technology, program, etc. "Will this make money for the practice and increase customer satisfaction?" If you answer yes to both parts of this question, then make it a high priority. If you answer yes to only one part of this question, then make it a lower priority. If you answer no to this question, then stop and do not allocate any company resources.

Here is what some of Acara's clients have to say about their experience:

"When we initially brought Acara on board to get us into the medical spa mainstream, we had a hard time justifying the investment at that time due to our limited startup capital. While I did see the immediate value back then of what Acara built for us, I see the value of our investment even more now that the industry is in financial uncertainty. Because we built a solid relationship with an industry mentor like Acara, and a workable business and marketing platform to begin with, it has allowed us to survive and flourish when others in our area have not." -- Paula Young RN, Co-owner, Young Medical Spa

"Acara was instrumental in helping us shape the foundation of our Medical Spa business. Their expertise in employee relations, sales, and MedSpa financial forecasting, has helped Amari see rapid growth." S.J. Shah, Medspa Director of Operations, Amari MedSpa

Join Acara online January 26th at 1:00 p.m. EST as Francis X. Acunzo presents Acara's Top Ten Aesthetic Practice & MedSpa Business Tips for 2010 during a live Webinar. He will share his team's insight into how these business tactics generated success for Acara's clients.