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Treat Your Crows Feet with the Coolaser


Wrinkles are a nearly unavoidable side effect of aging, but there are treatments available to help diminish their appearance.

Crows feet are the wrinkles that form around your eyes that are caused by several factors, age being the most influential. As you age, there is a break down of the elastin and collagen in the skin that are responsible for keeping skin tight and supple. Other important contributing factors are sun exposure and smoking, so avoid both to keep your wrinkles at a minimum.

As recently discussed on The Doctors, there are several treatments available to deal with your crow's feet. Retin-A topical skin cream, which is available with prescription, Botox injections, facial fillers and laser treatments are the most commonly used procedures for crow's feet today.

Another treatment is the Coolaser, which is currently only performed at the office of Dr. Simon Ourian, the Medical Director of Epione Medical Corporation of Los Angeles. During the procedure, the entire surface of the skin is cooled to provide increased comfort for the patient. The energy from the laser then evaporates the top layer of skin and penetrates deep to bring about collagen regrowth which helps to tighten the skin and restore elasticity.

Dr. Andrew Ordon of The Doctors also says that the best way to truly treat the wrinkles effectively is a combination of the treatments mentioned above. Botox will help keep the muscles from contracting, fillers will help plump out the wrinkles, and the fractional laser treatments will help stimulate the growth of collagen while also removing the top layer of dead skin.

crows feet before and after