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Study Finds a Big Butt is Healthier than a Big Gut

According to a recent article on abcnews.go.com, researchers from the University of Oxford and Churchill Hospital in the United Kingdom have published a review that indicates those who collect their fat around their butt and hips are healthier than those who collect fat around their stomachs.

The pears have it all over the apples. In a recent study released from the UK, those who store fat in the lower body are healthier than those who store fat in the midsection. According to the study, people who are overweight with larger thighs and rear ends actually have a greater level of protection from diseases such as diabetes, which are often associated with obesity.

pear and apple

The reason for the difference is the level of metabolic activity from the fat stores. The fat which settles in the midsection has a higher level of activity, sending more fat particles throughout the body. It also releases more cytokines, which have been indicated as a cause for the insulin resistance that leads to diabetes.

The fat stored in the lower body is not as active and acts as 'good' fat, meaning it provides benefits as an important component of our health. It provides protection from heart attack and diabetes, as well as other markers of good health.

The study does not indicate that pear shaped people are healthier than thin people however. It still holds true that maintaining a healthy weight is preferable to being overweight. And, unfortunately, there's no real way to guide the fat to where you want it to go. That is all up to your genetic makeup.