Beauty Tips of the Stars - Getting Red Carpet Ready


From Cynosure's Elite MPX technology to Dermasonic cellulite treatment, learn how to look your best

Several treatments on a national TV show airing January 13, 2010 that are the key to looking your best at any event, red carpet or otherwise. Dr. Anthony Youn is on the show to discuss the latest 'quick fixes' to put your best face (and body) forward.

Elite before and after photos
Elite MPX Laser Facial: This amazing machine can perform laser hair removal, treat spider veins, and give your face a refreshed look with almost no pain or downtime. Manufactured by Cynosure, the Elite MPX is a multi-function unit that in addition to providing permanent hair reduction also treats sun-damaged skin, pigmented lesions, and rosacea.

Dermasonic Cellulite Treatment: The Dermasonic method is a two stage process. First, ultrasonic waves penetrate the skin creating fibrosis breakage, stimulating blood circulation and literally softening fat deposits. This important and distinctive first stage greatly enhances the second stage of the Dermasonic method which is the dispersion of these fat deposits, elongation of connective tissue and the promotion of lymphatic drainage using specialized vibratory and suction techniques.

Botox for Sweating: Many people are familiar with the use of Botox for wrinkles, but it can also be used for hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. The doctor injects the Botox into the underarm so that the signal from the nerves to the sweat glands is blocked, and sweating is stopped. It lasts up to 9 months and the cost varies depending on the amount needed. Botox is FDA approved for the treatment of hyperhidrosis and is often covered by insurance so if it is covered, the cost could be as little as a copay.

AFA Facial Clay-Peel System: The AFA clay peel is a two step process. First a clay mask is applied which is then followed by a refreshing, exfoliating peel. It's a fast, simple process that can leave skin feeling like brand new. The mask is great for drawing out the skin's impurities and the exfoliation process removes excess oils and other impurities. It is less harsh than other treatments and requires no downtime.