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Valerie Bertinelli Talks About "Finding It" with Meredith Viera on The Today Show


With the start of a new year, many are trying to beat the bulge and lose the weight that's haunted them for years. Valerie Bertinelli shares her story on The Today Show with Meredith Viera and in her new book, Finding It.

After losing 40 pounds with the help of Jenny Craig, Valerie Bertinelli is maintaining her weight loss and sharing her story with the world in her book Finding It: And Satisfying My Hunger for Life Without Opening the Fridge. She talks about her journey to find herself and the real reason for her eating with Meredith Viera on this morning's edition of The Today Show. valerie bertinelli today show

Valerie reached her heaviest at 170 pounds. She dropped the weight and at 48 was featured on the cover of People magazine in a bikini. She says her goal now is to run the Boston Marathon for which she is currently training and will run just days before her 50th birthday. Valerie also tells Meredith that maintaining the weight loss is difficult because there is no more goal other than to stay the same. She says that the exciting part is over with, you've done the work, and the compliments don't come as often, making it hard to stay motivated.

Jenny Craig helped Valerie, but some find help with medical weight loss. A physician can help guide you through the journey so that you lose the weight in a healthy, stable way. Also, people often have trouble with sagging skin after significant weight loss and turn to a tummy tuck or body lift to remove the excess fat and skin and really give the look they were trying to achieve.

Laser lipolysis procedures such as SmartLipo or SlimLipo are often a great solution for those who have just a few extra pounds and a little loose skin to do away with. These procedures can remove the fat and tighten the skin at the same time, provided that it's only a small amount of skin and fat to be removed. Vaser lipo is another option to both remove the fat and tighten the skin in a single procedure. For those who have lost a lot, liposuction combined with tummy tuck is generally the most helpful.

Jason Alexander, known to many as George Costanza from the TV show Seinfeld is a new member of the Jenny Craig spokesperson team. Other members have included Kirstie Alley, Phylicia Rashad, Queen Latifah and Sarah Rue.