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2009 Reader's Choice - Top 5 Injectables and Fillers


In a down economy, people still want to look their best and now they can do so with relatively little expense thanks to a wide variety of injectables. Whether it's just a slight wrinkle correction or a non-surgical facelift, there are options for every crease.

Injectables are a relatively inexpensive way to help you look younger with minimal side effects, discomfort and downtime. Some injectables, known as fillers, work by plumping up your wrinkles to meet the surrounding skin, thereby reduce their appearance. Others freeze the muscles responsible for forming creases, which diminishes wrinkle appearance

wrinkle fillers

1 - Botox: BOTOX Cosmetic from Allergan uses a form of the botulinum toxin so that when it is injected into facial lines, those muscles are paralyzed, making the wrinkles invisible. Results last for three to eight months and are visible within a few days after treatment. This year, Botox was met with its first real competition in Dysport.

2 - Juvederm: Also manufactured by Allergan, Juvederm is a wrinkle filler which contains a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, is a natural sugar found in the skin which maintains volume and pliability. Juvederm uses a special formulation process which creates a smooth gel that flows easily into the skin, creating smooth, natural looks. The smooth consistency of Juvederm dermal filler also may help to minimize the discomfort that can sometimes occur during the injection procedure.

3 - Restylane: Restylane is an FDA-approved cosmetic filler from Medicis and is designed to eliminate wrinkles and folds in the skin of the face and the lips. Restylane is injected into the fine lines of the face or the lips with a very small syringe and results are generally instantaneous and pain-free. Patients have been much more satisfied with Restylane than collagen because it can last up to 60% longer. There are seven products in the Restylane family each of which are formulated for different treatments.

4 - Radiesse: Radiesse FN, from BioForm Medical, consists of calcium hydroxylapatite suspended in gel (carboxymethycellulose). It is used to recontour and lift the cheeks, smooth the jawline, lift the brow, and straighten the nose. The main advantage of this product is the long lasting effects it maintains compared to other fillers. Calcium hydroxylapatite is a normal constituent of bone and in most cases it doesn't elicit an immune response or allergy.

5 - Perlane: Perlane is a member of the Restylane family of products. The primary difference between Restylane and Perlane is that the hyaluronic acid gel particles in Perlane are larger than those found in Restylane. Perlane's larger gel particles offer enhanced volume and lifting power, ideal for wrinkle and fold correction in deeper layers of the skin. Perlane is commonly used for lip enhancement, wrinkle correction, moderate to severe facial folds, smile lines and thin superficial lines around the eyes, mouth and forehead.

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