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The Craziest Beauty Treatments of the Decade


Your crazy is not my crazy...

We will grant you that snake therapy is a little out there. We'll even agree that at first glance, using proteins found in semen for facial treatments makes us raise an eyebrow. But to group Botox in with the 'craziest' treatments is just, well, crazy.

Recently, today.msnbc.com published their list of the 8 craziest beauty treatments of the decade - (http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/34577526/ns/today-today_fashion_and_beauty/). While their list certainly includes some treatments that give us pause, some of these aren't only not crazy, some are even FDA approved.

1 - 'Different' facials: Facials come in all shapes, sizes and colors and may use many different materials. There are oatmeal facials, clay facials, and now - fecal facials. Some of the more extreme facial treatments to come out recently include substances many people wouldn't want to touch, much less put on their faces, including snail secretion, human placenta, and spermine - a substance found in human sperm.

woman shocked

2 - Snake Massage: In Tel Aviv, Israel, you can pay $70 to have six non-venomous snakes placed on your body and enjoy what the spa calls a relaxing massage via serpent. We wonder what Indiana Jones would say.

3 - Fishy Pedicure: Customers have been paying big bucks to feed the fish. Using tiny fish imported from Asia, customers can dip their feet in the fish tank and relax while the fish feed off the dead skin, resulting in smoother feet. 14 states have banned this procedure, deeming it unsanitary as the fish are reused on multiple customers.

4 - Delicious Scents: If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, why not entice him with a food-inspired aroma? From flame broiled meat scented cologne to cheesy flavored lip balm, our choices in scent have grown, for better or worse.

5 - Bootylicious: Buttock Implants have grown in popularity over the past decade thanks in large part to the growth in celebrity backsides. Famously curvaceous women like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez have inspired many women to seek out a more plumped behind and some are turning to cosmetic surgery to get it. Though we don't think this should be in the 'crazy' category, we do think that plastic surgery is a permanent change and should never be taken lightly.

6 - Designer Vaginas: Vaginal rejuvenation procedures have definitely seen a rise in popularity in the past few years. Some plastic surgeons are even including this in a group of procedures referred to as the mommy makeover which often includes tummy tuck, breast lift, and liposuction as well. For many, the procedure is about getting back the pre-baby look and sensation, and is much more than vanity run amok.

7 - Bottled Baths: If water just isn't doing it for you, how about some sake? In south-central Japan, there's a medspa where you can bathe in your choice of different spirits including red wine or green tea. While it does sound a little different at first glance, people have bathed with salts and flower petals without so much as the bat of an eyelash. It it really so strange to think of red wine as a bath companion?

8 - Botox: One common misconception about Botox is that it is unsafe or that it's vanity gone mad as people inject themselves with toxins. Botox has actually been around for years treating people for cervical dystonia, a painful condition which involves spasms of the neck muscles. Botox was used to relax the muscles. It is known to be highly dependable and predictable when dosed and injected properly. It is being used off label to treat migraines and TMJ. We don't find that crazy at all.

We urge caution with injectables - make sure your aesthetic provider has the proper training and experience necessary before undergoing a procedure.