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EndyMed PRO: FDA Cleared RF Device for Wrinkle Reduction


A new skin tightening treatment using RF technology rather than light energy is now available in the US.

As consumers have become more savvy regarding skin care and laser options, the pendulum is swinging back to more results-oriented treatments. With the saturation of non-ablative lasers, skin tightening devices, and chemical peels, patients are looking for an alternative treatment that offers profound results with fewer treatments and less time in the doctor's office. Taking this into consideration, Eclipse has introduced the EndyMed PRO, the first non-laser and non-light-based aesthetic device which utilizes radio frequency technology with third-generation 3DEEP? technology making skin rejuvenation safer and more effective than ever.


The EndyMed PRO has been cleared by the FDA for marketing in the United States and is the most advanced RF device on the market today for wrinkle reduction. The EndyMed PRO implements 3DEEP RF technology which performs at new levels while delivering superior treatments safely, painlessly, and effectively. With 3DEEP technology, the radio frequency energy is forced to go where it typically would not but should travel to have a meaningful clinical effect.

The genius of the EndyMed PRO rests in its ability to direct a flow of focused energy into the skin efficiently and safely. It features both a tissue contact sensor and a motion sensor. Essentially this means that a pulse is emitted only if the device is in direct contact with the skin and if it is physically set in motion. Furthermore, safety indicators on the screen allow monitoring of the treatment while it is in progress.

The EndyMed PRO has been shown to be excellent for the reduction of wrinkles. Based on clinical results, wrinkle reduction was maintained and even improved in long-term post-treatment follow-ups. This technology delivers high power, controlled and targeted energy as deep as 9mm, which results in superior safety and efficacy on all treatment levels.