Creating a Better Smile Through BOTOX


A simple procedure that can give you a brand new smile that is less gummy - without surgery!

gummy smile treatment

A gummy smile is normally corrected through surgical procedures called Gingivectomies and Crown Lengthening. While relatively painless, the surgeries involve a dental laser that removes the excess gum that shows up in gummy smiles. Healing time can take up to several weeks and further restorations may be necessary dependent on the appearance of the newly exposed teeth.

As seen on The Doctors, now a less painful and less expensive option is available for those wanting to change the appearance of their smiles. By injecting Botox into the muscles that elevate the upper lip, the Botox effectively blocks and relaxes those muscles thus hiding more of the gums. There is no downtime and results are seen within 24-36 hours. Botox lasts for three to six months so repeat visits will be necessary.

As with any procedure, speak to your doctor about its safety and whether or not it is right for you. Use of Botox for correcting a smile is currently an off-label use of the drug and has not been approved by the FDA. When seeking a physician regarding Botox treatment for your smile, make sure to ask not only if they're familiar with Botox injections, but if they're familiar with Botox for smiles specifically.