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Innovations MedSpa is Recipient of Dallas 100 Award


Innovations MedSpa is chosen as one of 100 Dallas businesses honored for their contributions to the community.

The Dallas 100 Awards, issued every year to recognize entrepreneurs who build business and provide local jobs for the community, recognizes the importance of innovative business. 100 local businesses are named to the list and given an award under this 19 year old program designed to honor industry leaders and local businesspeople. It is this recognition of success that led the Dallas 100 to present an award to Innovations Medical in 2009.

accepting award

Innovations Medical, or MedSpa as it is also known, was founded by Dr. Bill Johnson in 2005. Innovations MedSpa has been an industry leader since its foundation, providing its patients with the latest in plastic surgery and body improving products. Innovations MedSpa offers skin care treatments, body shaping procedures and products, and other cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries.

Dr. Johnson, is an industry leader and a regular contributor to a local morning show in DFW called "Good Morning Texas." He, and Innovations MedSpa, are known for providing unparalleled care and offering patients the latest in advanced beauty technology.

Innovations MedSpa participates in clinical trials to test new procedures. They also partner with equipment manufacturers and suppliers to facilitate improvements and ensure that their patients get the most innovative care possible and are able to take full advantage of all the methods on the market. Dr. Johnson was the first U.S. physician to offer SmartXide DOT therapy after it was approved in clinical trials. He was also the first to offer Acoustic Wave Therapy for Cellulite, and Thermage DC for skin care. Finally, he was the first physician in North Texas to use SmartLipo as an alternative to traditional, more invasive liposuction surgery.

The medical spa, under the guidance of Johnson, provides comprehensive and quality care to patients. He believes patients should be educated about all of their options and understand each step of the treatment process. He emphasizes patient consultation and a full understanding of possible results and side effects in order to make sure patients have a realistic goal. With over 25 years of experience, Johnson also trains other doctors on SmartLipo and uses his considerable experience as an intern to provide safe and effective surgery to patients. He has appeared on the National Medical report (NMR) hosted by Hugh Downs and the national television show The Doctors, as well as on CNN, PBS, MSNBC, ABC, Fox, NBC and CBS as a consulting expert.

The Dallas 100 Award is another honor to add to Johnson's considerable list of achievements. Johnson reports that "Innovations Medical is honored to receive the 2009 Dallas 100 award" and he "hope[s] that our growth continues for the next year so that we can reappear on the 2010 list." Even as he was accepting the award for MedSpa, Johnson remembered who was truly important in his field, noting that "most all we wanted to say thank you to our patients that have so blessed us and enabled us to grow."