StomaphyX - The Latest in Stomach Reduction for Gastric Bypass Patients

A non-invasive and effective surgery for previous gastric bypass patients.

As seen on "The Doctors" today, StomaphX has given previous gastric bypass patient Loretta a smaller stomach. This new and non-invasive procedure pulls the stomach tight and as bariatric surgeon Dr. Julie Ellner describes it: "It tightens the stomach like a corset." Loretta, who weighed 263 pounds before she underwent her gastric bypass, lost 100 pounds. After her surgery, she gained 50 pounds back.

stomaphyx before and after

Some patients who have undergone gastric bypass surgeries experience return weight gain. This happens when the altered stomach stretches and the patient has to eat more to feel satiated. StomaphyX, a new non-invasive surgery can effectively return the stomach back to it's smaller size and best of all, when performed by an experienced surgeon, the procedure requires only 20-60 minutes and has very minimal downtime.

Not to be confused with a gastric bypass, StomaphyX is only available to patients who have already had a gastric bypass. The surgeon guides the StomaphX device through the mouth and into the stomach, where it suctions up sections of stomach tissue into a small opening and is stapled together to resemble a pleat. After that, a loop is created by connecting the staples and effectively shrinking the stomach so the patient feels satiated with less food and loses the excess weight.

After the Stomaphyx procedure, Loretta has kept the additional weight that she gained after her first gastric bypass surgery and plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon says "It's worked really well for her."

As with any surgery, this option should be a last resort. Physicians strongly recommend that previous gastric bypass patients try to maintain their weight first by dieting and exercise before resorting to any type of surgery.