Beauty Buzz: Aesthetic Trends for November 24, 2009


The countdown to Turkey Day is on! Just two more days away!

the ideal implantThe Ideal Implant is a new option in breast augmentation that is currently undergoing FDA testing. The model is a hybrid of the traditional silicone and saline implants which combines the safety of saline with the look and feel of silicone.

dimples on the doctorsHaving those dimples you always wanted can be done in a quick and simple lunchtime procedure. Dimples bring a youthful, happy appearance to the face, and as we saw on "The Doctors" today, you can get them in a quick procedure that cuts away a small piece of the cheek muscle so the skin turns in when you smile, creating a dimple.

real housewives of orange county before and afterLynne Curtin is hanging on with our most popular article. The "Real Housewife" had a face lift done recently and her daughter consulted about having rhinoplasty as well.


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