Now You Can Have Dimples Like Kelly Ripa


How a simple procedure can turn up the megawatts on your smile.

Always wanted dimples? Now, along with other lunchtime procedures such as BOTOX injections, you can update your smile with a 20 minute procedure that will give you dimples.

If eyebrows act as frames to the eyes, then dimples act as quotation marks to a smile. The latest cosmetic procedure that can add character and a youthful appearance is Dimple Surgery.

A natural dimple exists when there is a small defect in the cheek muscle. When you smile, the skin is pulled down into the connective tissue in the cheek. Now, dimples can be replicated through a simple surgical procedure. Dr. Gal Aharonov explains, "We're cutting away a small piece of that muscle to make a window, and then tenting the skin down."

As with any surgical procedure, there are side effects and risks which may include bruising or swelling at the site. Another side effect is the dimple could be there all the time. However, as the surgery heals, the dimple "falls out" and will only be seen when you smile. Recovery is about a month and results are potentially reversible.

Smile on.

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