Beauty Buzz: Aeshetic Trends for the Week Ending November 20, 2009


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michael jacksonMichael Jackson could have been saved had his physician used appropriate brain monitoring for propofol. A prominent aesthetician shares his views on how Michael Jackson's life could have been saved. The coroner's investigation ruled his death a homicide and his doctor is under investigation.

frustrated woman with calculatorThe government's proposed Botax could add some expense to your cosmetic treatments. The government is trying to work in a 5% tax to elective aesthetic treatments to the health care reform bill. The ASPS recently came out against this proposal, citing several reasons it could be bad for the country. Check out our Facebook poll and let us know what you think!

bodytite on the doctorsBodyTite is a new lipolysis procedure that uses radio frequency internally to remove fat and tighten skin. The technology is from Invasix and shows promise as the next big thing on the horizon. It is still undergoing clinical testing and is not yet approved by the FDA. BodyTite was recently featured on "The Doctors" with Dr. Steven Davis providing an example of how it works.

chaz bono on good morning americaChaz Bono is 8 months into his gender reassignment process. He is still undergoing hormone therapy to help change his body from that of a female to a male. The hormones have deepened his voice, as was obvious in his interview with Chris Cuomo on Good Morning America this week.

toned stomachZerona was our number one procedure again this week. It is a low level laser treatment that causes fat cells to burst and release their contents. Patients report loss of inches with zero pain and no surgery. It's been featured on several TV shows including "The Doctors" and "Rachael Ray."


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