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Solta's illumiNATION Tour Finale in Beverly Hills Today Featuring Fraxel re:store Dual and Thermage CPT


Beverly Hills is the end of the road for the illumiNATION tour which makes its final stop today.

airstream bus Solta Medical has been touring the country with their illumiNATION tour, making stops in several cities teaching doctors about their new laser technologies - the Fraxel re:store Dual and the Thermage CPT.

Today the tour will be setup at 257 N. Canon Drive in Beverly Hills from 11:00-7:00. Keith Veseleny, editor of American Health and Beauty, will be dropping by today at 12:00 to learn more about the exciting new technologies Solta has to offer. Entertainment Tonight, LA Times and LA Magazine are also coming in.

The Fraxel re:store Dual laser improves upon previous Fraxel lasers by adding the 1927nm Thalium laser, allowing treatment of areas other than the face. It also works very well on improving skin pigmentation. Additionally, the Fraxel re:store Dual technology offers a faster treatment and improved patient comfort thanks to a cooling sensation that's built in to the hand piece. Also, the Dual can treat more areas and larger areas in one session.

Recently introduced Thermage CPT is also an improvement on existing Thermage technology. This new system adds a new vibrating hand piece to improve comfort and make the procedure more efficient. The new model provides greater energy, increased control for doctors and greater comfort for patients.

The illumiNATION tour has already made its way through such major cities as Atlanta, Boston, and New York. The Beverly Hills stop today is the Grand Finale of the tour.

Dr. Karyn Grossman and Dr. Grant Stevens will be there to present their experiences with the new devices. Below is a video of Dr. Grossman sharing her thoughts on the new Thermage CPT technology: