Beauty Buzz: The Week in Review, November 6, 2009


It's been a great start to November here at AHB...

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  • Our hearts go out to the families and friends of those injured at Fort Hood, TX. We wish a speedy recovery for those injured and comfort for those who lost a loved one.

  • Zerona has gone down a couple spots to number 3 this week. Could it be that interest for this new laser is waning? Doubtful - this low-level laser option is very popular amongst those who don't want surgery.

  • Well it was definitely sweeps week as Dr. Reza Vossough was this week's most popular article. He performed 8 surgeries on his wife Cany in an attempt to build his perfect woman. Also, WJLA in Washington DC caught a lot of negative attention after they showed a woman perform an uncensored self breast exam on the news. The station says it was medical, the other side says it was for ratings.

  • Natural Breast Augmentation is still a pretty big deal around here. The idea of using your own fat, without having to put a foreign implant into your body is very appealing.

  • We've just begun coverage of Reaction by Viora, an exciting new cellulite treatment. We look forward to learning more about this new technology.


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    2. Naked Women on TV News: Did Breast Cancer Exam Go Too Far?
    3. The Madonna Lift: Non-Surgical Fractional Eyelift Using SmartSkin CO2 Laser
    4. Natural Breast Augmentation: Stem Cells and Fat Transfer In Lieu of Implants
    5. Actual Before and After Photos of Natural Breast Augmentation


    1. Cosmetic Surgery
    2. Fractional Resurfacing
    3. ZERONA
    4. Breast Augmentation
    5. SmartLipo