Beauty Buzz: Aesthetic Trends for November 3, 2009


Tuesday is as good a day as any for a Buzz - a Beauty Buzz that is!

  • The plastic surgeon who built himself a wife by performing 8 separate surgeries on her was still popular today at the rate of over 100 page views per hour. Dr. Reza Vossough and his wife Cany are gaining notoriety after her makeover.

  • Zerona is holding strong in the top 5 as one of our most researched procedures. It's held the number 1 spot for the Month's Most Researched for the last three months.

  • Today we talked about the procedure breast lift which was discussed on "The Doctors" as a great way to restore the appearance of volume to the breast without implants.

  • Tomorrow we'll feature a great article about Botox and Dysport and what they've done for the aesthetics market.


    1. Who Says You Can't Buy Love: Plastic Surgeon Builds the Perfect Wife
    2. Naked Women on TV News: Did Breast Cancer Exam Go Too Far?
    3. The Implant-Free Breast Makeover?
    4. Actual Before and After Photos of Natural Breast Augmentation
    5. The Madonna Lift: Non-Surgical Fractional Eyelift Using SmartSkin CO2 Laser


    1. Cosmetic Surgery
    2. Fractional Resurfacing
    3. ZERONA
    4. Breast Augmentation
    5. SmartLipo