Medical Tourism: To Go Abroad or Not Go Abroad - That is the Question


While patients may seek to go abroad in order to save a few bucks on their surgery, that trip may wind up costing more of your health.

conch shell23 year old Kayla weighs in at just over 250 pounds and has decided to do something about it. She has consulted with a physician and was approved to undergo gastric bypass surgery but was denied by her insurance. The cost of the procedure has her considering going out of the country and save some significant money.

Kayla's question was discussed today on "The Doctors." Dr. Drew Ordon does not recommend going out of the country for surgery. He feels that it's better to stay close to home.

Many other physicians make the same recommendation due to fears of lax medical regulations in other countries. There is also a commonly held belief that medical licensing is not as stringent so physicians may not be held to the same standards as they are in the US.

For all of these fears, it's difficult to track down any specific data regarding medical tourism. We do know that it is a popular trend and many people want the benefit of a lower cost and possibly a mini vacation in the process. Personally, I would rather go home to my own bed after undergoing surgery.