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Icon No-Drill Dentistry: Stopping Cavities Before the Pain

This new treatment not only helps out your smile but it helps your tooth's health too.

Many people have white spots or discoloration on their teeth but don't quite know what to do about it. What many don't know is that those white spots may actually be the beginning stages of a cavity. Now, there's a new pain free treatment to get your teeth back to the their best.

Dentist Dr. Thomas Connelly visits the set of "The Doctors" today to discuss the Icon Treatment to clear up discoloration of the teeth. The procedure intervenes in cavity development, catching it before it goes too far.

icon no drill

He first cleans off all of the plaque and contaminants using an HCl acid based solution. These contaminants cause the discoloration, and the cavity as well as expose the tooth's pore system. The pore system is then dried with ethanol and the Icon resin solution is applied. The resin penetrates the pores, filling them. The dentist removes any excess material and then light cures the tooth. In total, the procedure takes about 15 minutes and forms a hybrid, stronger tooth.

One of the key advantages Dr. Connelly mentions is that you can not only treat the teeth in the front of the mouth for cosmetic reasons, but you can actually treat the cavities early on in the back of the mouth, avoiding the traditional 'waiting until it's time to drill' method.