Beauty Buzz: Aesthetic Trends for October 29, 2009


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butt lift photo

  • "The Doctors" is all over the buzz today. On the show they featured some great fixes including a non-surgical eyelift that uses fractional resurfacing to take years off the eyes' appearance.
  • Also, the {!Brazilian Butt-Lift | buttock augmentation} and Colombian Butt-Lift are discussed. These use fat transfer techniques to take fat from somewhere you don't want it and inject it in your derriere to plump it up a bit. Often times physicians use Vaser or {!Body-Jet} liposuction to remove the fat so that it can easily be reused. This method can also be used to inject fat into the breasts for natural breast augmentation.
  • We also learned about PDT, photodynamic therapy, to treat multiple skin issues, including sun damage and acne.


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    5. Zerona Laser Treatments Zap Fat According to a Study at the American Society of Lasers in Medicine and Surgery


    1. ZERONA
    2. Fractional Resurfacing
    3. SmartLipo
    4. BOTOX
    5. Thermage